Architect-turned-artist Vidur Bharadwaj’s green twist to art and architecture

Vidur Bharadwaj Architecture
Architect-turned-artist Vidur Bharadwaj’s green twist to art and architecture Vidur Bhardwaj is a well-known name in the real estate industry. He is known for his creativity, architectural skills and dynamic personality. He is the managing partner of Design & Development, which is a leading architectural firm in the country and one of the initiators of Green Architecture in the country. His skills set has no limitations, he has developed apartments, offices, commercial areas and highly innovative first of its kind projects. He is the one of the first builders to start constructing LEED certified Green Building in India.
A very talented person with enviable academic and professional background, Vidur Bhardwaj did his schooling at Modern School and graduated from School of Planning and Architecture (Delhi). He sets his goals with high standards and works hard towards achieving his goals. He takes his gaols as his mission. His previous experience and immense knowledge in the field is put together in his every single project taken up by him. All of this makes his every single project special and exceptional. He is the first architect who took an initiative to make eco-friendly buildings to preserve mother nature. Patni Campus Noida, Wipro Campus Gurugram etc. are examples of buildings constructed by Mr. Bhardwaj, certified as Green Buildings by the USGBC of the United States of America. He has been awarded by the President of India in 2005 for constructing green builds.
Delhi is a city of rich historical heritage and has monuments of different eras, multiple cultures and architectural styles. This has influenced the Delhi based architect Mr. Bhardwaj who wanted to make his projects a fusion of the history, heritage, nature, modern technology and eco-friendly construction. He used canvas to express his thoughts how to bring all of this together. He conducted an exhibition at The Visual Art Gallery and The Indian Habitat center Delhi. They were about 15 canvas displayed at the exhibition. Fatehpur Sikri, streets of old Delhi, ghats of Varanasi etc. are the few paintings done by Vidur. The BPO Block is designed and constructed by Vidur Bhardwaj with the concept of flowing water in the interiors to reduce the room temperature. This was inspired by The Jal Mandir at Udaipur, Rajasthan. He fused the thought of the courtyard and windows of “Havelli” in the Green building of Wipro Gurugram. “Green Boulevard”, was constructed keeping Mughal construction and architecture in mind. His residence is a dream house and painted a canvas for his house named “The Home” and depicted the eco-system. There was another painting for conserving energy named “The Shunya”. In the painting “The Shunya”, depicted zero usage of energy. In the Exhibition, he displayed paintings where he combined architecture, technology, nature and historical monuments altogether.