My residence was my dream to make a green nest for my family. It was my dream to create an ecosystem attracting all the beautiful creatures like birds and fishes living with them. I believe that a house is a living being and it should be able to live, breath and sustain itself.

I am proud to say that I believe my home is one of the most greenest houses that have been built in today’s times. Living in the green house with courtyard as the soul of the house. There is a lot of greenery in and around to create a beautiful somber environment.

One can see my children Shimal, Mahin and Manya for whom I have built my nest as the part to my art work. I have always passed on the same values as I have learned from my parents to my children of that of green sustainable environment.

My children are seen planting the trees and plants in the art work. The installation speak of the concept of a Green House. Stack effect/ ventilation stack is also introduced as one of the features in the house in the central courtyard. I being an art lover have a collection of art from all over the world and have attempted to tastefully display it in the house.

Vidur Bharadwaj The 3C

Soul In StructureApplied for Platinum Rated LEED certified Green Building