The painting highlights the concept followed in the two buildings of Patni campus - software and the BPO block. The one top is the software block which highlights the light self-technique to enhance day light deep inside the room. Sun path diagram on the left corner, the technique used to design sun shades in the building. Patni campus is a blind free building with optimum day light throughout in the building foot plate in the regularly occupied area.

On the lower left corner is the BPO block with concept of flowing water being channelized through the stilled area to cool the interior courtyard, creating a micro climate for comfortable ambience around the building. The concept has been inspired by Jag Mandira Udaipur.

Vidur Bharadwaj The 3C

Soul In StructureSecond largest platinum rated LEED Certified Green Building by the IGBC (Indian Green Building Council, under the umbrella of USGBC)