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Sustainability is the essence of healthy lifestyle. Vidur Bharadwaj 3C is one of the most inspiring people in the field of Green Sustainable Design & Construction, he has proven time and again that sustainable thinking, positive approach and perfect use of innovation & advancements can give stunning outcomes and help us in balancing the ecosystem and shaping this world into a better place to live on for every living being. Vidur Bharadwaj is one of the most prominent name when we try to find real estate sustainable players in the Delhi-NCR, known for his sheer love for nature. He has worked in Green Sustainable Development for over thirty years and through his architectural skills and specialized planning, he has gotten recognition from all sides of the world.

I grew up in a family of architects. After graduating from the School of Planning and Architecture in Delhi, I did join the family practice as expected. Instead, armed with the princely sum of Rs. 7,500 and a personal vision of architecture, I set out to create my own landscape.

My initial struggle was rewarded in many ways. My firm was commissioned by the biggest names in the country and beyond. We were adding numbers at a furious speed – adding buildings, adding revenue, adding people! In the midst of this, strangely, I realized that I was not happy, not fulfilled. Delving deep into the emptiness, I realized that I was creating beautiful structures but not thinking enough about their soul, about their purpose and their legacy for the planet. This was particularly ironic in a city like Delhi, which has exquisite monuments that have stood the test of time.

I decided that from now on, each building would be treated like a living being. A being with a soul and a fundamental need to breathe. At that time, 15 years ago, 'environmentally friendly' was not understood, let alone popular. It was a hard decision with many naysayers. I went on to establish The 3C company where the Cs stand for Create, Conserve and Care.

Since then I have attempted to create projects that are socially, economically, and environmentally responsive.

This exhibition is my view of the confluence of Art, Architecture & Sustainability. It reflects my inspirations, my work, my journey and a start to the new inning of my life. As Picasso said ‘Everything you can imagine is real’.

In today’s world, sustainability is playing vital role in improving the lifestyle across the globe. Thinking sustainability in whatever we do is key aspect if one want to switching towards a lifestyle beyond convention. Vidur Bharadwaj 3c is working consistently in designing and developing world around sustainable.

Vidur Bharadwaj The 3C

Soul In Structure

The never-ending assocition between Vidur bharadwaj and Green Sustainable Development

Vidur Bharadwaj - The man behind India’s acceptance to sustainablity in Indian Real Estate Industry. Vidur Bharadwaj is one of the few Indian real estate personalities who has worked relentlessly in developing and delivering award-winning gold standard green buildings in various states across India. His constant effort and great vision have transformed the industry in a way that companies are now looking for designing structures that are energy-efficient & robust, nature friendly, and at the same time cost-effective as well in long run. With his adroitly work methodology and eagerness to reach to the epitome of green sustainable development, as a dirctor of Noida-based real estate firm, The 3C, he has helped the firm in developing India’s most efficient green buildings in multiple cities. The only company is Asia Pacific with the credit of delivering Three Platinum and Four Gold Rated LEED Certified Green buildings by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) under the umbrella of USGBC (US Green Building Council), an outstanding achievement. His architect acumen and nature-friendly approach has won accolades nationally and internationally over the years. A team was felicitated in 2005 by the then President of India – Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam for developing the largest Platinum rated LEED Certified building in the world – Wipro Technologies, Gurgaon.

Vidur Bharadwaj: The man who knows ins and outs of Delivering Sustainable Architecture in Delhi-NCR

The only personality in Delhi-NCR real estate industry who has delivered back-to-back Gold-rated and Platinum rated commercial, workspaces and residential projects.

To deliver any sustainable architecture the organization has to factor in various measures while constructing, designing the landscape. Sustainable architecture can be delivered by using local materials and designs that responded to local environmental conditions. The focus shouldn’t just be on the appropriate materials but also on limiting the usage of non-renewables and guaranteeing energy efficiency.

The organization should also focus on the environment/ surroundings around the building locality, which needs to be preserved and protected against degradation. A green building has to take into consideration every aspect of the design & architecture lifecycle starting from siting, design, and construction, operation, maintenance & renovation to end-of-life when the resources can be recovered and recycled.

Ensuring continuous improvement in the use of energy, water, and materials, as well as mitigating & oversee the amount of waste generated on the site to avoid landfills, using reprocessed or recycled material, choosing items with a low carbon footprint during the manufacturing process, and localize sourcing to reduce carbon miles, are all part of the sustainable building journey.

Building orientation to be designed in a manner so that it captures the sun and breezes, room location, and sizing and positioning of windows for ventilation are all considerations that go into sustainable design. With proper use of insulation, sealing, sun shading components, low-emissivity glass, double-and triple-glazed windows, and high thermal mass building products, the materials palette is tuned to energy efficiency and low-energy use. Vidur Bharadwaj Director 3C applied many of these principles to reduce energy consumption by as much as 40 percent in sustainable homes.

Energy and efficiency are the two sides of the same coin,
if we want our future generation to enjoy and use the resources
as we are, there had to be norms that has to be followed
by everyone irrespective of caste, creed, and culture.
- Vidur Bharadwaj

Sustainability is the core foundation for any new architecture. Green sustainable developments are among only few practical solutions we can rely on if we want our future generations to experience the beauty of living amidst nature. Integral part of the group, Vidur Bharadwaj 3c has done tremendous work to give end-users 'perfect sustainable lifestyle' where one can experience less consumption, more efficiency and low pollution.

Check out the largest platinum-rated LEED Certified building in India, designed by Vidur Bharadwaj. Being one of the directors at The 3c, Vidur Bharadwaj had set examplery example of other builders and developes in India.

To give better visibility and clarity, it is strategically located at the cross junction of two roads. Courtyard which is open to sky landscape mainly contributes in maintaining cool temperature of the building during summer and it is a major attraction of the building. Since all office spaces look towards courtyard hence it gives excellent value to daylight. The minimization of draining impact of on-going construction in surrounding areas was cover up by Wipro Technologies.All trees have been retained such that they can stabilize the soil and avoid soil erosion.