I am not an artist

I grew up in a family of architects. After graduating from the School of Planning and Architecture in Delhi, I did join the family practice as expected. Instead, armed with the princely sum of Rs. 7,500 and a personal vision of architecture, I set out to create my own landscape.

My initial struggle was rewarded in many ways. My firm was commissioned by the biggest names in the country and beyond. We were adding numbers at a furious speed – adding buildings, adding revenue, adding people! In the midst of this, strangely, I realized that I was not happy, not fulfilled. Delving deep into the emptiness, I realized that I was creating beautiful structures but not thinking enough about their soul, about their purpose and their legacy for the planet. This was particularly ironic in a city like Delhi, which has exquisite monuments that have stood the test of time.

I decided that from now on, each building would be treated like a living being. A being with a soul and a fundamental need to breathe. At that time, 15 years ago, 'environmentally friendly' was not understood, let alone popular. It was a hard decision with many naysayers. I went on to establish The 3C company where the Cs stand for Create, Conserve and Care.

Since then I have attempted to create projects that are socially, economically, and environmentally responsive.

This exhibition is my view of the confluence of Art, Architecture & Sustainability. It reflects my inspirations, my work, my journey and a start to the new inning of my life. As Picasso said ‘Everything you can imagine is real’.

Vidur Bharadwaj The 3C

Soul In Structure